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Business Loans

At State Bank Northwest, we offer a diverse range of lending programs. Our branches are conveniently located in the Spokane Valley, Northpointe, Garfield, Rockford, Colfax, and Palouse, making it easy to meet with our local lenders in person. We work closely with small businesses to find the right lending option that suits their needs. Our team of experienced professionals ensures fast, local decisions, with the same high customer service standards that we have been providing for over 120 years! Quickly find the lending solution your business needs at State Bank Northwest.

Loan Products

Our Commercial Loans and Lines of Credit are customized for your business, and we make the application process simple. Whether you are a new start-up or an established business looking to expand, we have financing options for you.

From constructing new properties to remodeling and expanding existing properties, our expert lenders have the knowledge required to walk you through your each step of the financing process.

Learn how our FSA Guaranteed Loans can help your family farm or ranch grow. With other loans types like Equipment Term Loans and Rural Housing Loans, we have all the financing solutions for your Agricultural business.

When you apply for a Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loan with State Bank Northwest, we aren't just your lender, we're your partner. We can assist you in dealing with the Government Agency.

Learn more about why local business customers love banking with State Bank Northwest.

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