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Executive & Bank Officers

Executive Officers

Gregory S. Deckard
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Lorilei B. Bruggink
President & Chief Operating Officer
Tim Cassels
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Corporate Officers

Gregory S. Deckard

CEO & Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey S. Johnson
Secretary, Board of Directors


Lending Staff: *

Amanda Davis
Vice President & Loan Servicing Manager

Jake Holling
Senior Vice President & Ag Lending Officer

Jay Lunsford
Senior Vice President & Credit Administrator

Joel Stewart
Mortgage Loan Officer
NMLS# 1810157

John Widman
Senior Vice President & Director of Ag Lending

Mike Roberts
Vice President & Ag Lending Officer

Ryan Deckard
Assistant Vice President & Commercial Relationship Officer
NMLS# 2277085
Libby Fridinger
Vice President & Commercial Relationship Manager

Tim Bruya
Senior Vice President & Ag Lending Officer

Zach Young
Vice President & Ag Lending Officer

Branch/Operations Staff: *

Alycia Warnecke
Rockford Branch Operations Manager

Ami Kramer
Branch Operations Manager

Angel Crook
Colfax Universal Banker

Cindy Willman
Vice President & Operations Officer

Kelli Henderson
Vice President & Business Development Officer

Patti Murray
Vice President & Northpointe Branch Manager

Tera McCauley
Palouse Universal Banker

Tina Hammond
Assistant Vice President & Valley Branch Manager
NMLS# 759339

* Lending Officers & Branch/Operations Staff are not considered Corporate Officers or Executive Officers.