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Why Community Banking

State Bank Northwest is a local, community bank

Did you know?

Community banks...
  • Are America's most trusted lenders and have a 73 percent net satisfaction score compared to 58 percent for large banks and just 37 percent for online lenders, according to a Federal Reserve study.
  • Are committed lenders with loan growth that has outpaced non-community banks for eight years.
  • Demonstrate safety and soundness with higher capital ratios and better loan quality than the largest institutions. 
  • Offer high-tech, high-caliber service? This gives consumers access to modern-day conveniences while maintaining the high-quality customer service for which community banks are known.
  • Have a strong track record in helping underserved Americans by focusing a relatively large share of their resources in low and moderate income tracts.
  • Understand and embrace local small businesses. In fact, community banks make more than 60 percent of all small business loans under $1 million.
  • Give back to their communities. Civic service is a way of life for community bankers! We are proud to support our Whitman and Spokane Country communities.
Source: ICBA, 2021

Flexible. REACHABLE. and Fast!

What sets community banks apart from other banks? At State Bank Northwest, it’s our flexibility, reachability and speed.
  • Red tape doesn’t stretch very far at State Bank. Our management is local and hands-on, providing faster decisions. That’s flexibility.
  • When you have a question, you can call any one of our loan officers. We have 509 numbers (not 800 numbers where you have to "dial 2, then 3, then 5") and real people answer the phone. That’s reachability.
  • Decisions are made quickly. Calls are returned promptly. These are stressful times. We pride ourselves in offering that "Sigh of Relief" without delay. That's fast.
If you are a business owner, this is the kind of exceptional level of care you expect from your bank. We call it the "Community Bank" difference .

Now is a great time to be banking with State Bank Northwest. We are well-positioned to serve the complicated needs of our customers and community.