Why you’ll love banking with us

At State Bank Northwest, we get to know our customers and that helps us serve them better! In case you haven't heard our tagline, we provide “Full Service Banking … on a First Name Basis.” When you call us, you won’t spend forever on hold, or have to navigate an automated phone tree; instead, you’ll get a real person in your community who knows you by name.

Having a relationship with your bank also increases your security. Scam calls from an out of town number and a representative you’ve never heard of will be more likely to raise a red flag.

Our customers also love the security of knowing that we’re here to stay. After more than 120 years of serving the Inland Northwest, we’re still growing. We recently opened three new branch locations in Rockford, Colfax, and Palouse. When you bank at any of our six locations, your money stays local. Your deposits are reinvested in local businesses, agriculture, home loans and more to help our community grow.

Need a loan? Because our loan officers are local and familiar with Eastern Washington businesses, they are able to make decisions quickly, meaning that you can get your money faster. As experts on agricultural lending, they can advise you on the loan products available to you, and the unique benefits of different loan options.