Woman on a cell phone looking suspicious of the call

Avoid Scams

Avoid Scams!

State Bank Northwest is aware of scams currently targeting banking customers in the Inland Northwest. It’s important that customers remain informed and ready if contacted by scammers.

State Bank Northwest will NEVER contact you and ask for...

• Account number
• Debit card number or pin
• Credit card number or pin
• User ID and password
• Access to your online banking account

If you receive one of these phone calls, text, emails or any other communications, immediately...

• Hang up
• Do not reply
• Call your branch directly

Watch out for posers!

Some scammers may pretend to be State Bank Northwest and ask you to call/contact them using a number that is not ours. To avoid this, make sure you call us back using only our official branch numbers.

Our official branch phone numbers are listed below, and you can always find them on our website at https://www.statebanknorthwest.com/contact/branches

Spokane Valley Branch – 509.789.4335
Northpointe Branch – 509.464.2701
Garfield Branch – 509.635.1361
Colfax Branch – 509.252.6070
Rockford Branch – 509.252.6080
Palouse Branch – 509.252.6090