From Everyone at State Bank Northwest, Welcome!

To all of the business owners, ranchers, farmers and friends in the Palouse area: Welcome! We're thrilled that you're considering #SwitchingtoState. State Bank Northwest was originally founded in Whitman County back in 1902. Our roots are here. While technology has shifted making it easier than ever to bank conveniently, the spirit of our bank has remained solid. We remain committed to providing full-service banking on a first-name basis to our customers. Relationship banking is the foundation of a trusted, local bank, and if our reputation doesn't precede us, then we look forward to showing you what the "Community Bank Difference" really means. 

They're Going, We're Growing

As other big banks bite the dust, we remain rooted and stable, ready and suited to provide service to the Palouse area and beyond. We're here today, and we'll be here tomorrow, too.

We Are The Perfect Bank For You

  • We're a quick 10 minute drive North of Palouse.
  • We offer free personal checking to everyone -- you just have to buy your own checks.
  • For businesses, a daily courier service to Palouse is available. 
  • Online banking comes standard and our mobile app accepts remote check deposit.
  • Relationship banking is our specialty and it matters more now than ever. We've delivered over 400 PPP Loans to business owners during the COVID crisis. 

We Can't Wait to Meet You! Stop by our Garfield branch and say Hello!