Dancing alone is good fun but when it comes to banking you need a partner to help navigate the hardwood. After all, it takes two to tango! 

With State Bank Northwest, you've got a partner who you can trust to...

  • Pick up the phone without wasting your time with an automated phone tree.
  • Prioritize your business, no matter what size (especially during business-shaking crises like Covid-19).
  • Be knowledgeable about your business and anticipate your needs.
  • Provide customer service on a first name basis.

Relationship banking does not come standard with every bank. We saw this clearly in 2020: some business owners were left as unexpected wallflowers when they needed a helping hand from their banks. 

The foundation of our approach at State Bank Northwest has been, and always will be, personalized, relationship banking. You won't be stranded during tough times with us. We'll continue to be responsive, flexible and fast.